Cisco Unified Computing System ™ (UCS) is a data center platform that unifies computing, networking, management, virtualization, and storage access into a single integrated architecture so as to reduce total cost of ownership and provide agility to the IT infrastructure.

Managed as a single system, Cisco Unified Computing System enables high-scalability without any complexity. UCS accelerates the delivery of new services in a simple, reliable and secure manner, by means of end-to-end provisioning to virtualized and non-virtualized systems.



Resource virtualization is the key point of Cisco Data Center 3.0 architecture, because it reduces TCO with increasing asset utilization. New generation virtualized data centers require a network infrastructure that supports full potential of new technologies such as server virtualization, unified fabric, unified computing system, storage and cloud computing.


Cisco Unified Computing System

UCS outstanding characteristics:

  • Unified management of hundreds of servers, chassis, switches, LAN and SAN;
  • Native integration with VMware hypervisors, Hyper-V and KVM;
  • A System that is completely controlled by XML API, allowing actions to be automated and orchestrated to cloud computing;
  • Rede 10 Gigabit Ethernet de baixa latência;
  • End-to-end FCoE Integration – it reduces the complexity of the Data center;
  • Performance – blade servers with cards up to 160Gbps and 1.5 TB of Ram;








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