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Reliability: Continuous and redundant data availability to meet the needs for business applications and mission critical.

Extremely high performance: High transfer rate (dozens of Gb/s) and quick response time (latency lower than 1ms), required by transaction processing, data bases and technical/ scientific applications.

Versatility: Simple, integrated architecture allows it to simultaneously serve blocks and files in Fibre Channel, Ethernet networks, or hybrid convergence networks.

Scalability in three areas: Expansion capacity with no interruption and quick performance upgrade for configurations, allowing expansion of processing potential, capacity of storage and virtualized elements (third parties' storages).

Safety: Encryption in disk level, data retention to comply with standards and legislations, creation of virtual storages which allow data segregation, with independent management.

Tiering: Automatic distribution of data stored in up to three different types of media, guided by policies and algorithms which consider the using frequency of stored data, or upon the manager's definition, allowing performance maximization, regardless the type of application.

Hitachi storage system solution: Hitachi storage systems fits all needs. Through highly efficient microcode operating systems BOS and SVOS, it is possible to strengthen UNIX, Windows, NAS, SAN (Fibre Channel, FCoE and iSCSI), WEB data and fixed content in a single location. A scalable solution of high availability storage systems.

Providing performance and high availability: Hitachi systems provide continuous access to diverse corporate data to the users in different platforms. Storage systems may provide NFS and CIFS protocols for accessing files, as well as FCP, FCoE and iSCSI for NAS or SAN environments, cooperating to protect existing information. Hitachi solutions optimize the access to high performance data, providing high transfer rates with low latency.

Business continuation: Working together with an existing network infrastructure, Hitachi systems provide comprehensive availability to recover disasters. It is possible to implement remote mirroring of a website, besides the quick, efficient development of disaster recovering plans which fit specific needs, providing adequate flexibility to follow up needs for change.

Hardware: Hitachi provides the most high performance, reliable, scalable storage solutions, with the highest density and lowest power consumption in the market. It allows an easier management, having redundancy to achieve the maximum availability and data protection.


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